Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eleanor paints

I start my girls off young with art projects.  I like art, they like art, everyone wins.  With Maddie her first experiences with art were very controlled and easy to clean up.  With Charlotte she got a modified version of whatever Maddie was working on.  Eleanor on the other hand demands that she gets to do whatever the big girls are doing.  I tried to give her less messy versions of whatever we were working on, but she refused to play along.  My baby girl is an artist!  I've never been super fussy about my kids being dirty or messy.....I just figure its a part of life.  Messy kids are happy kids!  So, I give Eleanor her art supplies and instead of hovering, I walk away and let her create.  Mostly she creates a mess, but she has an awesome time doing it and as a reward I get amazing pictures of her where it looks like she has a goatee.  I hope my girls always want to hang out and make art together!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!
Love Grandma

County McCounterson